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Nicolai Parlog

Hi everyone,

I wanted to send this on Sunday. It’s still Sunday (where I’m at), so here it goes. Less than what I aimed for but the important parts are there: A thorough (I hope) discussion of long-term support and an invitation to come to Accento (now online and free).

I send this newsletter out some Sundays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Long-term support for Java

Once you dig into it, support — short or long term — is a surprisingly complex topic. It involves the OpenJDK, various companies and their commercial offerings as well…

Hi everyone,

I occasionally get asked about my setup for coding, gaming, recording, streaming, or writing and since it’s all the same hardware, I thought I’d kill 🦤🦤🦤🦤🦤 with one stone and let you know everything about it. In a similar vein, a few people have been curious about my workflows for the same things (well, not gaming — nobody watches me playing a game and wonders “how does he do that?!”) and so I decided to fold that in as well. …

Hi everyone,

I’ve grown accustomed to sending this out on the month’s last Sunday and so you might’ve expected this newsletter eight days ago. But somehow I didn’t manage my time well and so it’s today — better late than never, I guess.

After talking to the leads of Projects Panama, Loom, Amber, and Valhalla recently (links to conversations below), it dawned on me how much Java is going to change — that’s the #JavaNext theory that I lay out below. Beyond that I have some observations about Java’s evolution and guarded patterns to offer before I tell you random…

Hi everyone,

this newsletter arrives at an unusual time. I’ve recently been gunning for each month’s last Sunday but realized yesterday that that’s not gonna work this time because I’ve got something quite time consuming planned for the coming weekend: A 26-hour live stream for Java’s 26th birthday! :) More on that and two other events after I tell the cool things JEP 406 will bring to Java 17.

JEP 406

JEP 406 is proposed to target Java 17, which means unless something unexpected happens and somebody raises objections until Wednesday, there’s three thrilling extensions to switch that we'll be able to…

Hi everyone,

here’s the thing: I already put all my Java stuff out there and have nothing left to share in this newsletter. :-S As I get better at using the various channels at my disposal to share what I learned quicker, this may become more common. Then again, I’m not sure whether all of you follow me on Twitter or watch my YouTube videos, so I don’t know whether you’d be ok with me recycling Java content here or not. Tell me in this survey and I’ll act accordingly. :)

For this one, I’ll share a Twitter thread on…

Hi everyone,

how are you all doing? I hope these trying times are kind to you. Depending on where you live, you may slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel, right? Over here in Germany, vaccinations aren’t exactly going great (I’d be surprised to get the first shot before my birthday in July) and cases are once again on the rise (to the surprise of no one except idiots and many politicians), but it’s not catastrophic either — we keep muddling our way through the pandemic.

So I do what I do best: breathe, eat, think Java…

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re comfortable because this is a long one! I didn’t plan it this way, there’s just a lot of things I want to share with you — from a detail on Java’s (sub)packages to a discussion of its anachronistic defaults (mutability, nullability, etc.) and serialization to the Java ecosystem map I want to create. Then there’s a big (to me) and a small announcement that I’m super psyched about, a progress report of this quarter’s goals, the beginning of a short story. For your convenience (and this is a first!) here’s a table of contents:

  • I’m…

Hi everyone,

finally the newsletter is back to coding, so no yapping — I’ll get right to it.

I send this newsletter out some Sundays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Creating a Spring Boot application image with jlink

I’ve recently started a small side project (a calendar view of the year) and picked Spring Boot (and Maven and React) for that. I would have loved to ship it as a self-contained application image, meaning a Java runtime image with just the needed JDK modules plus my dependencies and my code. Here’s how I failed in five different ways.


Happy new year everyone,

everybody ready to take on 2020, part 2? Sorry, I mean 2021, of course. Although the first few months will surely feel a lot more like 2020 than the years before that. (I wrote this intro on December 31st — call it premonition.) Shit, why am I talking about 2020 again?! This damn year!

deep breath

Ok, 2021, let’s make some plans!

This is the second half of the turn-of-the-year newsletters, focusing on my plans for 2021. December’s warnings on self-centeredness fully apply.

I send this newsletter out some Sundays. Or other days. Sometimes not for…

Hi everyone,

this has been a fucked up year. Somehow it seems each recent year managed to be a bit worse than the one before it. Remember Australia being on fire? That was just 12 months ago!

But while 2020 has been challenging for everybody, the real-life impact varied widely. I’m in the fortunate position that I already worked from home and, during the lockdown-esque phases, so could my wife. Stress from the additional workload aside, home-schooling our daughter was no problem either. I caught Covid two weeks ago (of all people — how?!), but had no more than a…

Nicolai Parlog

Nicolai is a #Java enthusiast with a passion for learning and sharing — in posts & books; in videos & streams; at conferences & in courses.

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